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About the Cast

Avis Nam is played by Josephine. You can find Josephine on twitter at @scarydogfriend and you can find her producing on Nameless Domain and BadHouseRPG

El Alvarez is played by Ribby. You can find Ribby on twitter at @ribbysauce

Faiz Wirata is played by Indi, who also does music for the show. You can find Indi on twitter at @citizen_mask

Maeve Monroe is played by Siobhan. You can find Siobhan on twitter at @spellboundmage, on cohost @Siobhan, and you can watch her video game streams on

Victoria Castelli is played by Cassidy, who also edits the show and website. You can find Cassidy on twitter at @madlobotanist and on cohost at @Lobotanist

Angel Perez is played by Rem, you can find her on Bluesky, Tumblr, and, all under the username remspeedwagon, as well as at

Linus Sentra is played by Nada or Amir. You can find them at Trans_father on twitter and transfather on bluesky


Some Place to Be is an actual play podcast dedicated to exploring how mechanics inform character and celebrating games by indie designers. Our story follows a group of young adults living in a small town full of mysteries to solve. They'll end up stumbling into something that transforms their reality into something different over and over again while only the main characters seem to notice. With each evolution of the town, we switch to a new game system and explore how this changes our characters. Featuring an all queer cast of rotating GMs.

The Show can be found on Twitter @SomePlaceToBe and on Cohost at @SomePlaceToBe